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    About us

    To Be on the Correct Path;

    We would not like to start with a classical story about how we have transformed from a small workshop to a world brand producing thousands of pairs of shoes every single day and competing with leading global brands, although there was actually a starting point like this in our history.
    As Cabani, we have integrated evolution into the DNA of our brand. In order to keep pace with the modern day trends changing each passing day and even to be a brand creating such trends, we are embracing tomorrow and the future. To the brands telling that they have been making production for centuries and they are the most deep-rooted, we declare that we are the “New”. We do not try to be old or traditional just like them and we instead search for what is new and different.
    In today’s world, where it is easier than ever to reach plenty of information, we make effort to follow up all global developments closely and on the premises for being able to offer comfortable and trendy shoes. For our R&D projects, we receive contribution from scientists for creating comfortable shoes, which enabled us to start to integrate the GELAX / Pedigel technology into all our shoe models in 2019. Our R&D department, by searching all needs and expectations of the urban and working people in depth, scrutinizes every detail of user scenarios. We cover an important distance day by day by asking all related questions such as “For how many hours we are standing throughout the day, “What are the particulars of our ankles and feet” and “What advantages do quality-breathing materials offer”.  
    Our social media and communication team instantly integrate new trends into our brand to establish a meeting point between our customers and newest models. Sometimes, we determine the fashion line of our collections by working together with globally known designers and social media phenomena. Our brand, by adopting the fast fashion concept and leaving behind the season-based shoe production approach, adds dozens of new models to its collections in certain periods.
    As the second generation of the company, we embrace change and innovation instead of the traditional. We aim not just to meet expectations, but to build a brand caring about you and making you feel different through innovation and trend-tracking.
    Cabani wants to be more than a brand selling shoes you in the future. We would like to be a brand supporting its customers by contemplating you and your professional life to offer proper products, developing products that would allow you to reflect your personality with trendy designs, displaying sensitivity, responsibility and awareness in social issues and supporting animal rights and their struggle for living. 
    This is because we know very well that although we have transformed from a company producing 50 pairs of shoes in a small workshop located in Gedikpasa to a leading brand exporting to 41 different countries from a modern facility of 10,000 m2 since 1983, this is not a story enough for you to prefer us.
    You need other reasons to prefer us, such as entering in this story, feeling the brand support all the time, being able to make suggestions to it and even contributing to the product designing process, providing campaign ideas and knowing that the brand is caring about you.

    Thus, we would like to invite you to walk together to be on the correct path.
    The Cabani Family.


    Trade Registry Number : 534673

    Telephone : 0 212 549 29 09
    Head Office Address : Küçük Organize San. Bölg. Atatürk Bulvarı No:82 Başakşehir/İstanbul

    Branch Addresses : https://www.cabani.com.tr/content38/Hakkimizda?change
    E Mail : [email protected]
    Mersis No : 0070025953500017
    Our registered e-mail address : [email protected]

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