Shoe Care and User Manual Shoe Care and User Guide

* Try the shoes right and left.
* The sweat absorbed by the shoes evaporates in 24 hours. For this reason, wearing your shoes with 2 days intervals provides longer usage opportunity.
* Wet and moist shoes should be dried at room temperature. It should not be dried under radiator and sun.
* When the shoes are moist, mud and dirt should be removed with a slightly damp cloth.
* It is recommended that the shoes be ventilated against possible odors and put into a mold to prevent deformation.
* It is natural for shoes with hand stitching (so-called saddlery) to get water from the seams. Therefore, especially in snowy and rainy weather, it should be tried not to enter the puddles with such shoes as much as possible.
* Sweaty feet and snow can cause salting on the skin.
* If there is no "waterproof" or "waterproof" phrase on all kinds of shoes, it may absorb some water in the rain.
* Our salesperson friends will help with the maintenance of shoes produced with special materials.

Suede and Nubuck Products

* Suede shoes should be cleaned with a suede eraser and a suede brush.
* Nubuck shoes should be maintained with a nubuck eraser and a nubuck brush.
* Be careful not to use your leather, nubuck and suede shoes in rainy weather.

Leather Products

* Since shoes with and without inner lining are made of genuine leather, they do not contain chemical additives that may harm your health and the color of the leather may appear on feet and socks. For this reason, we recommend that you wear socks according to the color of the lining.
* Leather shoes should be polished in their own color or with a natural polish.
* Although leather jackets are treated against water absorption, they may pass water in heavy rainy weather. Hang your wet leather jacket at room temperature and let it dry.
* Do not wipe or wash your leather jacket. Make sure to give it to "professional leather" dry cleaners.