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    100% Genuine leather

    100% Genuine Leather
    As Cabani, we provide 100% genuine leather for all of our clothing and accessory products. Genuine leathers are high quality and long lasting leather produced by special equipments.
    The skins in our wallets, shoes, bags and all other products that you will buy are produced from genuine leathers that have completely special production. The skins to be produced are applied according to their characteristics such as grapevine drying, stretch drying and vacuum. Thus, leathers are made durable by drying process.
    The fact that a skin is original makes the outer surface of the leather more resistant to outdoor conditions. When you use a fake leather product, you can see visually that a product is produced from fake leather by looking with a naked eye.
    Genuine Leather Products that you can use reliably in any season
    When you use genuine leather, you are the owner of quality products that you can use under all seasons conditions. As Cabani, we always use 100% genuine leather in all of our products that we sell because we act by taking into consideration the needs and demands of our customers.
    All of our wide range of clothing and accessory products are products that are resistant to outdoor conditions and seasonal differences. When the winter months come, you have to remove the leather materials that you have to remove from your wardrobes.
    Keep in mind that being genuine can have an effect on your style. When you use artificial leather products, you may also experience visually unfavorable situations.

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